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4.5 Star Seller Rating


ETSY has become a go to shop for everything hand made over the past few years.  This is an exciting time for everyone!  But I have been a part of this progression since Etsy was virtually unknown on the web and I have built my business and my artist reputation on this platform from the ground up.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been an active seller on Etsy since 2013.  I have a 4.5 star rating & have sold close to 600 babies from my Etsy Shop alone.  I have been selling locally since 2011 and online in general  since 2009 with more than 100 additional sales & auctions through those venues.   


Well, guess what?!  Nobody EVER gets "stuck" with a custom baby they don't absolutely LOVE when they shop with me because I will work with you if you don't like your baby when it arrives.  I understand custom baby purchases are a high stress endeavor and I know that it is MY responsibility to make it easier for my collectors - and that is just what I do with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


On Etsy I offer more than 300 of the sweetest, most realistic and authentic baby sculpts to choose from for your custom reborn baby.  I stay on top of upcoming baby sculpts & work hard to offer them as soon as they become available.   You will design your baby from head to toe and decide what type and how much hair your baby will have when "born".   You will also decide how long you want your "baby wait" to be during checkout.

Are You Afraid Of Being Scammed When Buying A Reborn?


If so, you are not alone!  There are dozens of fake doll sites popping up all over the internet and it saddens me immensely.

In today's marketing jungle you have to have a very large digital footprint to get your products in front of customers and that is why I offer several venues from which to purchase my work.  I sell on Etsy, Facebook, Google & in my own Shopify Store.  I also manage a  portfolio blog on Wordpress that features links to all of my venues and showcases current baby projects.

If you were to read the item descriptions in my custom baby listings on Etsy, you would see that I offer my portfolio website as a reference point for my work and that I also include 2-3 of my very own baby collages in every single listing that feature babies that I have made so they can SEE my style of art and decide for themselves if I am what they are looking for in a doll artist.

I ONLY use prototype baby images in listings where I do not have my own image because I have not yet MADE that particular sculpt.  This is stated in EVERY listing.

I am totally transparent in my business, what I offer and timelines for completion.  This is because I want my customers to feel confident about my work before they buy a baby.  I let my work speak for itself with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on my Custom Babies.  

This work is how I provide for my family.  I am not a part-time hobby artist. I am a full-time, professional custom reborn doll artist.   Coming from a very impoverished childhood I have immense gratitude for every investment a collector makes in my work and I give all of myself to every baby project.  I work with honesty and integrity and I appreciate the opportunity to present my work to you.